did you go into a coma in 2008 and wake up last week

i think i’m gonna bring this little lyric booklet with me to school today.

okay i want to elaborate on that

ryan ross as a hormone-filled teenager wrote about how you cheated on him, and that sure fucking sucks, because you’ll never find a better kisser, never find someone who turns you on more, and never find anyone who fucks better than he does.

confidence is attractive. 

e-fucking-specially when it’s coming from the mind of ryan ross. he’s writing this down, onto paper, the words are just flowing like liquid and they’re his deepest thoughts expressed into ink. unedited to people’s (and society’s) standards.

it’s just

really hot ok.

reading ryan’s lyrics to lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off is actually like reading porn i swear to fucking god


Oh m y goD